Retrofit Kit for Heiniger Evo’s

Out of stock. Stock expected mid 2024.



  • Be ready for your shearers by installing these simple kits to allow the Woolmaster Handpiece and counter to be used on Heiniger Evo’s
  • One time modification- do it once and it’s done
  • Modification is very simple and contained within the plant
  • No cutting of wires, no soldering required
  • No effect to Evo’s operation or safety
  • Can still use your standard handpiece after modification


Why the Modification?
Heiniger Evo plants will always default to ‘off’ when the power is turned on.
Unfortunately this means the plant cannot be controlled by simply switching the power off and on.
The modification allows the counter to control the plant via the link cable.
The counter then controls the pull cord on / off switch within the plant.
Note that the pull cord can still be used to turn the plant on and off.



  • 1x Cable with plug
  • 1x Installation instructions


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